4in1: Facecover/Scarf/Headband/Hatband

Due to the COVID Virus epidemic we believe face masks will be required well into summer and into fall and surely into winter of 2020. As the largest scarf designer and maker of scarfs in New England USA, and as a small woman owned business, we are contributing to a calmer and more encouraging, comforting, healing and beautiful world by making face mask scarfs that can double as face mask protectors and yet look and feel beautiful rather than alarming.

Wear this tubular scarf all day around your neck as a lovely scarf and when needed simply slip over your face, or slip over your N95 facemask for extra protection. Our scarfs are washable and many face masks are not. Did you know looking at face masks everywhere has a negative psychological impact on your health as well as impact on your children? Improve your mood (and others around you) with healing color, pattern and cool fabrics and wear this scarf into spring and through summer and fall. 

When this COVID crisis is all over, you won't have a drawer or garbage can full of N95 masks, you will have a beautiful versatile scarf that will last for years. You can wear this scarf for dress, for workouts, for running, walking, or just everyday. Dresses up or down and great for travel once we are back to normal and out of the COVID crisis. This little neck scarf can instantly up your mood for you and those around you when you add to plain tops, a dress or even over your jacket. Designed to be breathable and super soft. Scarf is washable, and will never fade.